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The wrong turn into Mexico

A few days ago, a 27-year-old American truck driver was arrested in Ciudad Juarez carrying a quarter-million rounds of ammo in his rig. He told authorities that he’d taken a wrong turn on I-10 in El Paso and ended up on the bridge crossing into Mexico.

The employer of driver Jabin Bogan, a company in Memphis called Demco Express, said Bogan was legally transporting the ammunition to a facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

So did Bogan make a monumental boo-boo, or was he taking ammo to gangsters? His mother, perhaps predictably, said it was a mistake. Check the video above from a Dallas newscast.

And consider the following letter published this morning in the El Paso Times:

Wrong turn

Five years ago, at the height of the Christmas season, I was driving home from Five Points and got on the North-South Freeway. I accidentally got into the southbound lane to Mexico.

Traffic was heavy and I was locked into going to the bridge and into Mexico. I told the agent on the U.S. side I did not want to go into Mexico.

He said to just cross, drive one mile, and then make a U-turn to get back into the United States.

I finally got back to the U.S. side, but the 90 minutes was a terrifying experience for me.

What the ammo driver experienced is completely believable. I lived it.

Flying him to Mexico City and possible organized-crime charges against him are insane. Our federal government needs to step in, get him back on our soil and stop the flow of our dollars to Mexico when human rights are violated.

We need clearly stated signs, lanes to turn around in, and retraining of U.S. agents who guide drivers into Mexico and then say just turn around.

Nancy Brown
East El Paso



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What would happen if the wrong turn had been made from Mexico into the US.

A Facebook User

What a coincidence! The truck he was driving just happened to have a quarter million rounds for the types of firearms preferred by organized criminals. If it was an accident it was a damn stupid one to make, and it could have made him a rich man if he hadn't been caught. Let's hope the investigating authorities get to the bottom of this story and he isn't simply released because of public outcry or politics.


we need get him help soon...another good story thanks

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