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Don Goyo's volcanic rumblings

I was about to post another video I found on YouTube of the rumblings of Popocatepetl, the volcano near Mexico City that is known as Don Gregorio, or for short Don Goyo, by many chilangos, or Mexico City residents. But then I noticed that someone claimed the video was actually of Krakatoa in Indonesia. So I chose this video, which is actually of a smaller eruption of Popo back in November. Normally, I can see the volcano on clear mornings from my window. But since it began acting up a week or so ago it's been hazy in the capital and I have seen any of the fireworks. The rumblings and volcanic distress of Don Goyo has provided a refreshing respite from the usual topics of conversation in the capital -- terrible traffic, upcoming elections, and turmoil elsewhere in the nation. The turmoil, this time, is distinctly not man-made. As the header of the national center for disaster preparedness, Roberto Quaas, said yesterday: "The volcano is calling the shots, and we must adapt to it." No disputing that.


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