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A deficit of honest campaign debate

A lot isn’t getting talked about in this presidential campaign.

For one thing, the three main candidates are providing little information about how they’d change public security strategy. Rather, they basically simply say they’d do things “better,” and get “more results.”

But security – a big issue that has seen more than 50,000 violent deaths during the current presidential term – is only one of many issues not getting talked about much.

Some Mexican commentators are noticing this. One, Victor Sanchez Banos, wrote a column about it on the Quadratin website, citing a number of “hot potato” issues which might not bring benefits to a candidate staking out a firm position.

“It’s like watching a soccer game in which the 11 players from each team stand around their own goal posts without trying to score a goal on the other side,” he wrote.

He went on to say that the “true national issues are not being addressed … All the candidates … want to maintain the hard votes and win over votes from their adversaries. But they don’t want to make bets or show their true faces.”

Here are 15 issues on which Sanchez says candidates hide their positions:
1) Abortion
2) Same-sex marriages
3) Adoptions by same-sex couples
4) Impunity
5) Drug addiction
6) How to combat public insecurity
7) How to create jobs
8) When to end the war on narcos
9) An increase in the value-added tax, and elimination of the “flat tax on business operation” and “tax on cash”
10) A new constitution and form of government
11) Life sentences for corrupt public officials
12) An end to state monopolies like the Pemex oil company and the CFE power company
13) Reduction in size of the Senate and Lower House
14) End to legal privilege, or fuero, to avoid prosecutions
15) End to abuses by electoral authorities


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I'm sick and tired of promises like "there would be changes" or "our economy would be better." Work is more important than words or promises, politicians should make use of the taxes wisely.


So what do they talk about then, the weather? That's pathetic. I don't envy the Mexican voter...

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