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Will Ferrell and his 'Mexican' movie

This is a very funny clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, nearly all en Espanol with English subtitles. What makes it hilarious is when Diego Garcia Luna, Will Ferrell's co-star in the upcoming movie, Casa de mi Padre, pops up in the audience and starts reaming Ferrell out. The subtitles give no hint of his colorful language.

Here's more about the appearance of Ferrell and Garcia Luna on the show from a story by Univision:

The forthcoming Casa de mi Padre centers on Armando (Ferrell), who has spent his entire life on his father’s ranch and falls for his brother Raul’s (Diego Luna) hot fiancée (Génesis Rodríguez). Life becomes even more tangled for the trio after they find themselves warring with Onza, Mexico’s most feared drug lord (Gael García Bernal).

Before viewers get hot and bothered about the movie, it’s important to note that it’s meant to poke fun at Americans’ stereotypical views of Mexicans, and vice versa. It’s also a satire of telenovelas, poor acting skills, and filmmaking in general (though Luna has jokingly referred to it as more of a “tribute” than a satire in junket interviews).

One could take offense at the English comedians trying to speak Spanish on nighttime network television. But on perusing the posts on the internet, Mexicans appeared to like it. For one thing, it shows the penetration of Spanish in U.S. culture. Many English speakers get enough Spanish to understand the jokes with the bad subtitles.

The movie opens Friday in the States. I bet it might be a hit in Mexico, too. Diego Garcia Luna is a huge star here, and they'll go see the movie because of him. Many won't know who Will Ferrell is.


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Tim J

Hi Dianne. Thanks for posting. How's life in Mazatlan?


I saw this when it aired and I understand enough Spanish to fully appreciate the jokes. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on Jimmy Kimmel and Diego Luna was brilliant! It's likely that many Mexicans will know who Will Ferrell is. They get all the Hollywood movies down there... with subtitles. I just hope his Spanish is better in the movie.

Dianne Saphiere

LOVE it, Tim!!! Thank you for sharing it!

Serenity Escapes

se me hace que Ferrel habla bastante bien el español, no?...


very fun make tv hostess speak in Spanish! would not be so much fun here, you see Joaquin Lopez Doriga and his famous "juayderito" in an interview with Anthony Hopkins!!

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