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When politicians' daughters tweet '$#*!'

You know that U.S. network show titled “$#%! My Dad Says”?

Well, this blog post is a variant on that. Only this is about the “$#%!” that daughters of politicians post on the internet. In several instances in recent months, politicians in the region have gotten into hot water by what their offspring posted on social media.

First came the daughter of leading Mexican politician Enrique Pena Nieto who rose to her father’s defense in December after he attended a book fair in Guadalajara and was asked at a press conference to name his favorite books. Pena Nieto couldn’t name a single one accurately except the Bible. 

Paulina Pena came to her father’s defense, retweeting a post from her boyfriend’s account on Twitter: “Greetings to the bunch of a---oles that form the prole[tariat] and only complain about those who they envy!”

The ridicule that piled up on the daughter was almost as great as that heaped on the father. “I am a Prole!” became a trending topic, and the daughter issued an apology and closed her account.

Then a few weeks ago, Hugo Chavez’s 14-year-old daughter Rosines posted a photo of herself holding up a wad of U.S. dollars. Chavez could not have been happy with his daughter holding a symbol of The Empire, which he loves to malign. His ex-wife took to Twitter and explained of the daughter: "I told her that her mistake wasn't to take the picture, but rather posting it on a medium where there are ignorant people who don't respect others."

Yes, that is the problem. Ignorant people.

Now comes an incident in Panama, which is roiling from clashes between indigenous people and police over mining concessions. The clashes have caused at least two deaths and some 40 injuries. Security Minister Jose Raul Mulino is under fire. He’s acknowledged that he ordered cell phone service shut down in the region, perhaps indicative of the kinds of methods he feels appropriate in dealing with the Ngobe-Bugle indigenous community and a blockage of the highway leading to Chiriqui province.

This is the recent slangy Tweet of the daughter, Veronica: “If an Indian blocks me from getting to the beach, I’d kick him out of the way #cosaseria No one threatens my beach weekend! #bringiton”

This is stirring up some indignation in Panama. The daughter's Twitter account has been shut down. 

All I gotta say is, politicians, it’s time for you to have a talk with your daughters about social media. The public might start to think that the true attitudes at home are what comes out of the daughters’ mouths (or finger tips).


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Commercial Product Photography

I don't think it should be any issue that a politician's daughter do anything that she want.


That's sad! Well, let's not just discriminate or judge them. I'm sure there is a good reason why they'd express to social media sites such things.

Serenity Escapes

the kids were probably raised by the nannys...for all the talk about family in Mexico, among the higher classes it seems to be almost fraudulent in that the parents often times spend zero time with their children

Kanoa in Mexico

That would almost be funny...except people have been hurt because of it...The world needs to realize that everything that is said online is permanent and globally available.

thanks for the post

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