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A viral video of abusive behavior

Call it what you will – entitlement, privilege, money, an abusive nature.

In many parts of Latin America, some rich people are physically abusive of those of lower status – their maids, police officers who stop their cars, office workers and others. 

You don’t have to speak Spanish to understand the gist of the video above taken by a closed circuit camera July 8, 2011, at a condo high-rise in the swank Paseo de las Lomas area of Mexico City.

In it, you see businessman Miguel Sacal Smeke, owner of the Nino Sacalli textile group, physically abuse an attendant who declined to leave his counter job to help change a tire on Sacal’s Porsche. Sacal slaps him around and pushes him down to the ground, apparently breaking two of his teeth. Sacal then starts threatening another employee. The injured employee apparently lost his job after not bending to the bullying.

The video has gone viral in Mexico, putting Sacal on the spot. According to one report, he has described the incident as only a “spat.”

The YouTube video is titled “Gentleman de Las Lomas” – a play on the title of an earlier video gone viral titled “Ladies of Polanco.” I blogged about that video in which upper-class ladies (with little class) berate a police officer for giving them a ticket.

Oh, and it’s not impossible you might encounter this behavior stateside. Property records indicate the Mexican tycoon owns (or has owned) several condos in Aventura, Florida.

Update: This case has taken many new twists. Sacal has offered a public apology to the valet and agreed to pay him an undisclosed sum of money. YouTube is also taking down the video almost as fast as people are reposting it. I'll have more on this when I have more time.


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These kind of people should be given the right discipline and sanctioned for their actions. The world seems to be a bad place after all seeing these types of people creating these types of indecent actions.

Serenity Escapes

PS what up with the cheesy porno soundtrack?

Serenity Escapes

PS what up with the cheesy porno soundtrack?

Serenity Escapes

wow, the vid is back and I cannot believe it, what an asshole....he calls the worker a "cat" and an indian" (probably the 2 most denigrating terms here in Mexico)...and the workers are so timid and defenseless, I would like to think that I would have intervened had I been there, there is no excuse for that....and the asshole is 60 years old!!!...man, I would have loved to have given him a "putazo"

Serenity Escapes

the vid has been removed, it says, but that is just as good...these condescending assbites and their "criollo" heritage and their complete assholishness make me crazy....so elitist, man, don't they have a clue as to how the universe works?

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