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Pena Nieto's gaffe, a family affair

Seems that presidential candidate Enrique Pena Nieto’s whole family is getting involved publicly in his travails (see previous blog posting here).

After I wrote yesterday’s posting, it came out that Pena Nieto’s daughter re-tweeted some rather unseemly comments in defense of her dad, who looked less than presidential over the weekend when he couldn’t name a single book and author other than the Bible that had left a mark on him.

Paulina Pena, age 16, retweeted a comment from her alleged boyfriend. Loosely translated, it said something along the lines of: "Regards to the pack of (a---oles) from the trailer park crowd who criticize what they envy.”

When tweeters got wind of this, Paulina Pena came in for a storm of criticism. She shut down her Twitter account, only to reopen it a day later.

“I’ve decided to reactivate my account because people are setting up fake accounts in my name and because I want to express my opinion,” tweeted Paulina (@Pau_95Pena).

It didn’t stop there. Pena Nieto (@EPN) tweeted that his daughter “went over the line and I apologize publicly for it.” In another tweet, he said: “I spoke to my children about the values of respect and tolerance. I reiterated that we must listen and not offend others.”

Turns out that Pena Nieto’s new wife, TV soap opera actress Angelica Rivera, had something to say as well: “About that episode yesterday on Twitter, I recognize that Paulina’s reaction was not correct,” Rivera said on her Facebook account. “She only wanted to defend her father, nevertheless that doesn’t justify what she did.”

Any other family members have an opinion? We'll be keeping an eye on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. But maybe you should count slowly from 10 backwards before hitting "enter." Just a thought. Or get off the internet and read a book instead.


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dissertation samples

She only wanted to defend her father, nevertheless that doesn’t justify what she did.

Serenity Escapes

what a douche the guy is, pure facade....and this is the new reality=today's technocrat pols are all appearance, I mean, my 6 year old daughter could have handled that question about 3 books....Pretty Boy is a functioning illiterate, what a fool...if you watch the video, for nearly 5 minutes he stammers and blunders in a stentorian voice trying to be all manly and political, but he is just a geek...

Bruce Lee, Peña no

and the daughter, well, obviously she is "bien mamona cremita"

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