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More fun at Pena Nieto's expense

The spoofers have been busy over the last few days with the incident involving presidential candidate Ernesto Pena Nieto and his inability to name three books that have made an impact on his life. The video above has nearly a million views in barely three days. It's rolling-on-the-floor funny if you understand Mexican slang (warning: it's also profane). In the mock video, spoofers put a lot of words in Hitler's mouth after the Fuhrer learns of the Pena Nieto incident. "Why couldn't he just have said he'd read Harry Potter or Twilight?" Hitler sputters.

And then there's another interesting video of Shohn Huckabee, the American who was imprisoned for two years on marijuana charges in Mexico.This one is in English. Huckabee and his supporters claim he was framed and tortured by Mexican soldiers, and a U.S. parole commission believed them. He went free a few days ago. The fellow American who was arrested with Huckabee, Carlos Quijia, was transferred from Mexico to La Tuna federal prison on Monday but has not yet been freed.


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Games For Young Children

Nice video....
I watched this video and make fun...It looks very good...

Tim J

Didn't know that about Hitchens. In looking into it, I discovered the intriguing fact that Hitchens, a renowned atheist, was treated by Francis Collins, a pioneer in cancer treatment who happens to be a devout Christian. If this doesn't have the makings for a great play or script, I don't know what does.

Serenity Escapes

where are you, Tim?....I thought Chris Hitchens was going to take over your blog since you have been away so long, but I read where he passed away this AM.....

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