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Weddings, with an eye toward votes

The mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, is getting married today. 

It was supposed to be a quiet affair. But these things are never hush-hush in Mexico, especially in election season. Call me cynical, but I don’t think it was ever meant to be low key.

Ebrard is an announced candidate in the 2012 presidential campaign. Polls show him lagging behind Enrique Pena Nieto, whose slicked back hairstyle is so unchanging that he’s won the nickname “the helmet.”

In reality, weddings like Ebrard’s today and Pena Nieto’s last November seem packaged to draw the attention of potential voters. They get splashed on the front pages of newspapers and on television.

El Universal’s website has a video here of Ebrard’s bride, the former Honduran ambassador to Mexico. Preparations for their wedding were carried in a spread in Quien magazine, a tattle and society publication. And the coverage seems designed to accentuate Ebrard’s taste in women.

Both Ebrard and his new bride have been married twice before. Ebrard, 51, just divorced his second wife, actress Mariagna Prats, over the summer.

Mexican and U.S. electorates hold their politicians to different standards, for better or worse. In Mexico, a little hanky panky on the side doesn’t bother anyone. On the contrary, politicians consolidate their macho cred.

While married to a previous wife, Pena Nieto fathered two children out of wedlock. The wife later died of cancer. For his next wife, Pena Nieto picked actress Angelica Rivera, who is beloved for her title role in the very popular telenovela, La Gaviota, or The Dove The Seagull. Click here for a photo at their wedding. Pena Nieto could hardly have picked a more popular woman, and the Televisa network, which is completely behind his campaign, gave the union wall-to-wall coverage.

Now, the question for both gentlemen is how long will they stay married?

Coincidentally, Mexico City politicians have the solution if either opts out of wedlock. The city fathers now ponder a proposal to allow marriages with a two-year “expiration date.” At the end of that period, the couple can ratify their marriage or dissolve it in a simple step with no red tape. Who will be first, Marcelo or Enrique?


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