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Panic in the soccer arena

This is the scene yesterday at the soccer stadium in Torreon during a match between Santos and Morelia when gunshots broke out. Advance to about .38 to see where the fans _ and the players _ suddenly realize that a fierce gunfight is nearby. Later in the video, you'll see fans lying face down in the stands, huddled behind chairs, running wildly for the exits. The panic and fright are evident.

Employees sealed some exits from the stadium once they realized the shooting was outside. That's why you see frightened fans running in one direction, then across the field in another.

It later turned out that the shooting occurred outside the stadium. But the panic was such that it has become a national news item. Los Pinos, the presidential palace, issued a statement "energetically condemning" the violence.

I'm in Baja California with a shaky internet connection. But from what I can tell so far there was plenty of gunfire but no fatalities. 



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WFG Canada

Well I go through your blog and find it interesting...Thanks for sharing the videos with us..

Randy Thompson

Tim, let us change that "Stay thirsty my friend" to "Stay safe my friend."

I was just joking with a FB friend of mine that if a certain gov. becomes our next president I'm loading my three dogs and wife into my pickup w/camper attached going to the Canadian border - she suggested Mexico! I told her, well maybe ten years ago when I was making trips there, but not now for sure. Even my close Mexican friend from my Erisson days had said he is delaying building his little palce on the beach down there...

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