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The narcos' 'ghetto tanks'


They got submarines, don’t they? Why not tanks? 

The Mexican army captured this rather ghetto-looking tank last week near Ciudad Mier in Tamaulipas state. Dubbed ‘El Monstruo’ by the blogdelnarco.com website, from which these photos come, this homemade armored vehicle was reportedly seized from Los Zetas.

The armored tank-like Mad Max vehicles seem to be for use between cartel gunmen fighting each other. The Zetas are in an intense battle with the Gulf Cartel in the northeast along the Texas border.

Some of the armored vehicles seized by the army in Tamaulipas are capable of stopping rounds from M-16s and AK-47s, according to this report from the insightcrime.org website. It adds more details:

One tank-like car comes equipped with a perch, which allows a sniper to cover a 160 degree radius. A rhino truck is fitted with two shotguns in the driver's seat, as well as steel reinforcements capable of resisting grenade attacks. Other pick-up trucks have been fitted with gadgets that spray oil and nails on the road.





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