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Decline in cruise ship arrivals

Carnival Magic_Nost Some interesting statistics in El Economista this morning about the decline in cruise ship arrivals to Mexico. The high point came in 2007, when Mexico chalked up 796 cruise ship arrivals. It fell to 683 arrivals in 2008, and further to 586 arrivals in 2009, the year of the swine flu scare. 

The next year saw a slight bump up to 599 arrivals but this year it fell again to 549 arrivals.

I guess tourists don’t like the idea of visiting Acapulco, where scores of people have been beheaded or had their faces scalped. Granted, much of the violence comes away from the beachfront hotels. But who wants to vacation on the good side of Kandahar? Or the safer side of Baghdad? Certainly the decline is caused by violence along the Pacific Coast, while Mexico's Riviera Maya in the Yucatan remains quite safe.

Since 2007, the total number of cruise ship passengers has also declined – from 1.5 million that year to 1.1 million this year.

Despite the slump, the total income from cruise ships has remained surprisingly steady, thank to greater spending per passenger, the newspaper said. In 2007, the industry contributed $112 million while in 2011 it added $104 million. 


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sean hanny

ha!, dig the handle of the previous poster!...cruise ship arrival is way down on the so called Mayan Riviera....things seemingly have transpired to impede them: swine flu, narco violence, economic crisis...yet also it is the failure of local governments to sufficiently act to protect the passengers...lip service is paid and that's it, no real coherent action, no real plan...Mexico's tourism industry has a lot of dimwits among the hierarchy, people who are laconic, who have their jobs due to cronyism, who lack vision....people come to Mexico (or at least the coasts) because of the weather, mostly, not the culture, and tourism assumes this is a given, that they do not have to promote or work to assure safety...Mexico is blessed and yet the management is not moving to improve or seek continuance

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