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When the itch for Botox strikes

Image Sometime Botox just can’t wait. For Sandra Avila Beltran, an accused drug lord dubbed the Queen of the Pacific, the itch came as she served time at a Mexico City high-security women’s prison. 

So to bring up her spirits, Avila Beltran summoned her plastic surgeon for a Botox treatment, claiming as a ruse that she needed a “vaccination.”

"The doctor was admitted by the person in charge of the medical area, violating all procedures. The aim was to carry out a therapeutic treatment that is not authorized for inmates," a prison bureau statement said.

As a result of the “unauthorized procedure,” the director and hospital chief at the Santa Martha Actitla Prison on Mexico City’s outskirts have been relieved of duties.

Avila Beltran has been at the prison since 2007.  Last month Beltran was acquitted of all drug charges in Mexico due to “lack of evidence” but prosecutors are appealing. She’s also wanted on U.S. drug trafficking charges. Feds say she is a leader of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel. Anderson Cooper, the CNN journalist who just got mugged by pro-Mubarak thugs in Cairo, did a 60 Minutes interview of Avila Betran back in March 2009.  

Maybe the Queen of the Pacific wanted to gussy herself up for her alleged boyfriend, reputed Colombian trafficker Juan Diego “El Tigre” Ramirez. Avila Betran reportedly was the go-between from the Sinaloa Cartel to Ramirez’s Valle del Norte gang in Colombia. Some nine tons of cocaine seized in 2001 was allegedly traced to the two.

She claims it is all an error and that she made her money renting houses and selling clothing.


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sean hanny

scary looking...it is a very common look, however, in Mexico and all over...I suppose the low self esteem thing factors in, but somebody has to have the cojones to step forward and tell these women (and men) that they are overdoing it and they look like circus clowns...then again she is an alleged killer, so probably better to back off

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