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Seizing AK-47s at the Texas border

110113harlingen_sm To judge by the comments that poured in after I wrote this story about the smuggling of automatic weapons from the U.S. to Mexico, many Americans don’t believe that it is happening. And they told me so in dozens of emails and postings.

They say the Mexican drug cartels use automatic weapons, not the semiautomatic weapons available at gun shops in Texas and Arizona.  

The cartels are stealing their weapons from the Mexican army, getting them from Central America and buying them on the world market. But getting them at a gun shop in Houston or Phoenix? No way, Jose.

In fact, it is not hard to alter an AK-47 semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic one. A Mexican army general showed me how. And regardless of what some readers say, the guns are flowing across the border. Just today, the customs and immigration branch of Homeland Security announced that it had caught a pickup truck with 15 AK-47s coming across the border (press release here).  

“Federal agents received a call from Hidalgo Police Department after officers conducted a traffic stop on the city's east side on highway 281. During the officer's routine inspection of the vehicle, they identified suspicious activity. ICE HSI agents arrived at the scene of the traffic stop and took the vehicle to the Hidalgo Port of Entry where U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers conducted an intensive examination of the vehicle. It was during the examination that officers discovered the rifles hidden inside the fuel tank of the pickup truck.

"Weapons trafficking fuels violence by criminal organizations and threatens the security of communities along our borders and throughout the country," said Jerry Robinette, special agent in charge of ICE HSI in San Antonio." 

Authorities arrested the driver and the passenger, Antonio Ibarra, 41, and Edwardo Ibarra, 37, respectively, on state charges for firearms smuggling.



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RandyT, USN Ret

I've stopped discussing this issue with the few "Idiot Ameircans" aka right wing NRA ditto heads that I even talk to.

American guns are going south by the thousands and being used to kill inocent Mexican citizens. This is blood on American gun dealers, gun manufactures and by extention NRA hands in this.

I've made dozens of business trips to Mexico City and a few to Monterrey and am saddened by what is going on now in Monterrey, and all of Mexico. Have plenty of friends there and my thoughts, wishes and prayers are with them.

I leave our racist friends with a Tom Russell song:

MK Ultra

@ Ryan Jones:

I suggest you look at your history before you make racist and inaccurate comments in public forums. The United States of America has the blood over 16,000 million innocent civilians throughout the world on its hands. How can that possibly compare to Mexico? And, if that weren't enough, and this should be the ultimate offense, it is your own country who is behind all of this violence and bloodshed. End the War of Drugs and you'll end the violence!

Shame on you for being such an ignorant racist!

MK Ultra

Amerikan gullibility and/or convenient blindness never ceases to amaze. Where exactly did they think the guns were coming from? Russia? Really! Who in their right mind doesn't know that fortunes have been made due to the War of Drugs and the terror it has subjected the Mexican population for decades? Oh, but never mind that answer. The same ones that refuse to believe this are the ones who also think that 9/11 was perpetrated by 19 Muslims with boxcutters. The same ones who don't 'believe' in global warming. The same ones that demand 'equality' for the rich via more tax cuts and who call their fellow unemployed citizens 'lazy.' The same ones that turn to an invisible sky daddy in whose name they shoot, execute, kill whilst forcing women to go thru unwanted pregnancies. Yep. It's a good things that Islam is the enemy of the Amerikan people!

sean hanny

jeeez, Grand Wizard Ryan Jones, lighten up...don't forget about those pesky Newfoundlanders...


it worries me that the nra is so blind to this aspect of their protection of american gun rights. it's the mexicans not obama that will alter the gun laws. if you believe otherwise you and the nra can leap on the dinosaur pile together. the pauls are right legalize pot and remove the cash stream.

by the way you can convert a ruger 10/22 to full auto but an ak 47 was designed full auto so to make it full auto again is so easy, what ever condition you may get it in.

while you're at it get a 6.5 italian and try to get off three rounds in that time frame and have any accuracy at all.

ryan jones

Mexicans are the most racist and violent culture in the hemisphere.

Anyone have the number of DRIVE BY COLD BLOODED MURDERS in California?

There have been more than 2,000 Americans murdered in CA by illegals that fled back over the border to avoid prosecution.



sean hanny

people write in and deny that AK47s are automatic?...that's crazy...I hear them quite often and they are not only automatic, they are super loud...

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