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A satirical cartoon touches a nerve

 The political cartoon above, done by Daryl Cagle and published on the msnbc.com website, has drawn a measure of outrage in Mexico. It shows the eagle on Mexico's flag flattened by a spray of bullets.

The Reforma newspaper published it on its front page this morning, and the comments poured into its own website.

If there is some sensitivity about a cartoon using the national flag, it’s partly because of the time of year. Mexico’s Independence Day on Sept. 16 is approaching, and flags are fluttering around the nation in anticipation. This year also marks the nation’s bicentennial.

Here are some of the comments so far this morning on Reforma’s website. I’ve translated most of them although one was in English.

“Miguel” wrote: “If we’re going to reflect reality, let’s show a U.S. flag with the words ‘property impounded.’

 “To the cartoonist” wrote: “I have an idea: tomorrow draw the american flag, instead of stars picture small dollars and guns, the withe stripes can be the white powder the americans keep inhaling, and the red stripes can be the blood they are responsible for. Its essential that they realize they are part of the problem... they will never help fix it because it is not their problem, but is the VERY LEAST they can do for the innocent victims.

“Lalo” wrote: “Ignorant gringo!”

“Isabel” wrote: “When they make fun of a Mexican or something that represents Mexico, they are making fun of all of us. If that flag has bullet holes in it, it is thanks to the total lack of arms control in the United States…”

“Mariana” wrote: “To get even, they should draw the bald eagle with a machinegun, an army beret, smoking a joint and wearing rose-colored skimpy underwear.


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“Miguel” wrote: “If we’re going to reflect reality, let’s show a U.S. flag with the words ‘property impounded.’

Well with Mexico and what they are attempting to do with the U.S. guess it could also read "property stolen" or "American Tax Payers Raped"

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