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September 12, 2013

Alien sex offenders draw GAO scrutiny

#GAO investigators say #Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials can do a better job at overseeing alien sex offenders.

In a newly public report, which follows on a secret version issued last month, the Government Accountability Office investigators examined a representative sample of 131 offenders. They found that:

"Alien sex offenders are not consistently informed of potential registration requirements, and relevant jurisdiction officials — that is, state, territorial, and tribal sex offender registry and law enforcement officials — are not consistently notified when an offender is removed from the country or released."

Based on the sample, the GAO estimated that as of September 2012, 72 percent of alien sex offenders were registered, 22 percent were not required to register, and 5 percent did not register but should have.

The report notes that of the 59,347 aliens under an order of supervision as of September 2012, 2,837 (5 percent) had been convicted of a sex offense.



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It would have been helpful to include figures on citizens so I could compare percentages.


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