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February 06, 2013

Feds urge continued secrecy in Chandra Levy case

#Justice Department attorneys are urging a #judge to keep secret new developments in the Chandra Levy murder mystery.

In a four-page filing dated Tuesday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Margaret J. Chriss reminded D.C. Superior Court Judge Gerald I. Fisher that his secrecy orders have already been appealed by defense attorneys. Until the D.C. Court of Appeals rules, Chriss argues, Fisher has no reason to hear a similar plea for open proceedings filed by attorneys representing media organizations.

The defense attorneys and the media organizations both seek access to hearings concerning new developments potentially undermining the credibility of a prosecution witness. Chriss argued that because of the pending appeal, the judge should simply cancel a hearing set for 2:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Let the appeals court decide, she reasons.

Chriss further argued that there is "substantial evidence" that  "compelling interests would be harmed" if the court proceedings were to be opened.

In their own 15-page filing on behalf of McClatchy and other media organizations, attorneys with WilmerHale law firm argue for public access to trial proceedings.



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Rick A Hyatt

No, it's the horrific way in which Chandra was dismembered to death that the Levys' now have to "Closure" with, another term the Judge used. He also directed that the Prosecutors had until April to determine what could be released without being "Redacted," or crossed out.Note that Gary Condit was a Prosecution witness during that trial, basically saying "Since I didn't do it, it must be Guandique." They only now have opened Juror interviews where only those who didn't know who Condit was into the trial. Some "Witness's" testimony has been "Impeached." Detailed testimony on the Condit's M.O. when they dispose of some intern for some high-ranking type, as I witnessed in 1977 have been unsealed by a Federal Court in Phoenix, that "New evidence" they speak of, and which was withheld by the Federal Prosecution from the Defense at the beginning. I knew of this back then and spoke with the defense councel, Santha Sonnenberg, who agreed that Guandique was being framed, but when I tried again to contact her recently, I've found she's changed her phone #'s. Google me and my "Enovel" where you'll find those horrific details. rickahyatt.

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