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November 02, 2012

Watergate records to be unsealed

A #judge Friday ordered the unsealing of some #Watergate records, but declined a history professor's long-shot request for an investigation into the alleged breach of grand jury security by Washington Post reporters.

In a brief, but intriguing, order, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth partially sided with the Justice Department and partially sided with Texas A&M Associate Professor Luke Nichter, who had asked for unsealing of records associated with the 1972 prosecution of Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy.

Lamberth agreed that all of the sealed documents should be opened up for public inspection, save for pre-sentence investigation material (which, in Mr. Liddy's case, might have been particularly intriguing), grand jury materials and evidence obtained from illegal wiretaps.

Lamberth gave the National Archives and Records Administration 30 days to review the material. and he gave the Justice Department 30 days to list the documents officials believe should remain sealed.

Nichter is an expert on the Nixon era, and has done considerable work digitizing nearly 4,000 hours of the Nixon White House tapes. He has stated his hope that the Liddy trial materials may shed light on the real motives behind the Watergate break-in.


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John Kelly

posted by mistake elsewhere in blog...WA PO should have support for this allegation in immediate-pre-Watergate archives:

Watergate was timed conveniently for Nixon because it took attention away from Congressional investigation of his/GOP role in sabotaging Paris Peace Accords that were being negotiated.

The point man in the sabotage was Chennault, largest donor and head of GOP, Flying Tiger. Chennault went to VN and directly told President/Marshall Nyuen Ky to abort Paris talks if he expected US help after Nixon election. Ky did abort, the war "ground on" for another 5 years at cost of thousands of American/Vietnamese deaths, only to result in the same terms as before when we fled...and leaving Vietnamese communism more deeply entrenched.

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