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November 16, 2012

Christian publishing house wins contraceptive battle

A #Christian publishing house that's challenging an #ACA mandate for contraception coverage has won at least a temporary battle.

In an intriguing 38-page decision, U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton on Friday granted Tyndale House Publishers a temporary injunction blocking enforcement of the contraception mandate.

Tyndale House Publishers is a Christian publishing company, founded in 1962, that produces books ranging from Bible commentaries to Christian fiction. It emploiys 260 full-time workers, and provides insurance though a self-insured health plan. Citing religious beliefs, the health plan omits coverage of abortion or family planning.

Observes Judge Walton:

"Tyndale is a closely-held corporation owned by four entities united by their Christian faith, each of which plays a distinct role in achieving shared, religious objectives. Christian principles, prayer, and activities are pervasive at Tyndale, and the company’s ownership structure is designed to ensure that it never strays from its faith-oriented mission."

Furthermore, Walton reasoned, "(since) the beliefs of a closely-held corporation and its owners are inseparable, the corporation should be deemed the alter-ego of its owners for religious purposes." That's enough, Walton says, to give Tyndale standing to challenge the health care law's enforcement under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Which leads Walton to this bottom line:

"Absent a preliminary injunction, the plaintiffs are at the risk of being sued, in addition to either being subject to the considerable financial penalties stemming from the failure to comply with the contraceptive coverage mandate, or being forced to violate their stated religious beliefs by changing the nature of the contraceptive coverage provided under their health care plan."


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John Kelly

Watergate was convenient for Nixon because it took attention away from Congressional investigation of his/GOP role in sabotaging Paris Peace Accords that were being negotiated. The point man in the sabotage was Chennault, largest donor and head of GOP. They'd directly told Ky of VN to quit Paris if he expected US (Nixon/GOP) help after the election. Ky did quit, the war ground on for another 5 years and thousands of American/Vietnamese deaths, only to result in the same terms when we fled...and leaving Vietnamese communism more deeply entrenched.

Dan Moyer

would the Judge concur that "(since) the beliefs of a closely-held corporation and its owners are inseparable, the corporation should be deemed the alter-ego of its owners for religious purposes." other similar groups can opt out of federal actions that violate their religious beliefs ?


Hey John WTF does your rant have to do with the article?

Get a life loser.


Doesn't sound like the Judge actually used the standard for issuing a preliminary injunction. Why do these companies have the right to deny "family planning" coverage, deny abortions and contraceptives, etc.? They get to legally force their religious beliefs down the throats (being nice here!) of people who do not believe in the same things. The problem: these so called Christian organizations use their money to hire lobbyists to do their dirty work. What great stewardship.


Why should any employer dictate who your health insurer is or what benefits your plan covers? No other country is dumb enough to your boss control your health insurance. It's none of his business.

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