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December 07, 2009



my goodness you'll be missed dion.

Bob S.

Thanks, Dion!


A very good blog which is the least of the things that will be missed about you and McClatchy here!

Benjamin Hall

Thanks for this informative recap (as well as your years of work), and I look forward to Checkpoint Kabul. Thank you for being a model member of your profession, and a great help to those of us who aren't there to see it ourselves.


Your insight and clarity in this very confused part of the world will be dearly missed. Thank you for your dedication... the people of Palestine and Israel need voices like yours. Good luck in Kabul..


Good riddance, I always thought you were one of the biggest hacks "covering" the conflict. Take your advocacy journalism to Kabul and enjoy.


Looking forward to the Nissenbaum take on Kabul, Pashtun perplexities, and your inbeds with the US military-- as opposed to random
IDF encounters. It's been a wild ride with you inside the
Punished Land. Best of Luck!


You will be missed. Be safe in Kabul.


Your Jerusalem Blog will be sorely missed!


Dion does himself a disservice by using a wide paintbrush to cover up the details.
For example, Israel's press freedom really in "free-fall"??? Of course it isn't - any responsible journalist who follows the Israeli press knows that. Are there specific issues? Of course. Is there much difference between the censorship during Cast Lead and other western military offensives? Not much.
So Dion has a grudge against Seaman, who is known to have a short fuse when dealing with journalists who report Palestinian propaganda as facts. Good for Seaman, bad for Dion for not mentioning this.
In lambasting Seaman, Dion joins the ranks of other blind journalists who leave the region with almost nothing to say about the Palestinians. Dion was based in Jerusalem because of the press freedom there which do NOT exist in Ramallah or Gaza City - yet Dion doesn't mention this fact.

Another example: I did a search for "Martin" on Dion's blog, but only found "drinking martinis".

Hey Dion - anything to say about Paul Martin who is still being held without charge in Gaza? Why the silence about this direct attack on press freedom by the PA?

And more to the point - anything to say about why journalists keep quoting the Palestinians who say "legitimate right to resist the occupation" and nothing about the illegality of the "by any means" and the war crimes committed by Hamas over the past two decades?

Seaman is right-on when he accuses the press of being apologists for Hamas. Amnesty, HRW and even Goldstone concluded that both Hamas and Fatah have official policies of war crimes - yet the press has been silent about that while at the same time suffers verbal diarrhea when it comes to accusations about Israel.

Good luck in Kabul. Keep your head down and your pen up.

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Checkpoint Jerusalem was written by Dion Nissenbaum, who covered the Middle East as Jerusalem bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers from 2005 to 2009.

Nissenbaum is now McClatchy's bureau chief in Kabul, covering south Asia with an emphasis on Afghanistan. See his new blog at Checkpoint Kabul.

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