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November 29, 2009



Good luck Obama - You're gonna need it.

Tombstone, AZ.

Pssst, did you order those extra 100,000 Dow Corning zippered 'oder free' bodybags? Seems like you'll be needing a few,' before the US/EU UNOCAL oil/gas pipe line delivers Azerbaijani oil/gas to the UE, huh Pilgrims?


Leave Obama out of the accusations of only doing this for the oil. That was Bush not Obama. Obama is just trying to clean up the mess we created when we went into Afaganistan and then neglected it for Iraq because of lies and decite by our former President.

He is going to need all the luck he can get, but I have faith in our men and women in uniform. IF anyone can help that country its them. Now that we have a decent leader that actually cares about what happens both to them and the people in Afganistan.


I don't think the war in Afganistan is for oil. Afganistan doesn't have very much oil. Its not nearly as big a industry as their poppy (AKA Opium) exports.


Afghanistan itself does not have oil but it is considered the gateway to central asian oil fields. This is documented and confirmed that the US has been eyeing afghanistan for this reason even prior to 9/11. The US govt threatened the Taliban in the summer of 2001 you can look it up: google "carpet of gold carpet of bombs"

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