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November 02, 2009



when is the last time you saw a palestinian representative on any mainstream news outlet in America? for me the answer is NEVER

and this one time John Stewart has the courage to bring in the viewpoint from the other side, the zionists are complaining.



I think it is intellectually healthy to hear the other side of the 'fence'. Let both the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs speak in public their own minds. By gracefulness of the Almighty we might find some foundations for true peaceful settlement of Israel conflict...


People actually watch Stewart?

Honestly, Americas are as sick of listening to whining jews as the palestinians are. Further, Americans could give a rat's butt less about palestinians. This whole thing is a continuation of a tiny fraction of the world's population screwing it up for everyone else.

TheAZCowBoy, Tombstone, AZ.

Yup, its always some reich wingnut from the American Enterprise Institute, the 'all powerful' AIPAC 'Mafia' or motor-mouth Abe 'Foxie' Abraham of the ADL giving the Palestinian prospective of news in the Middle East, 'always' the American 'Sheeple' swallow it, 'hook, line and sinker' in all their blessed ignorance of world events.

Tombstone, AZ.


about time someones got the balls to let the truth out keep it up stewart!!!


Until the Arabs give 30 pieces of silver to congress to counter the Zionist 30 pieces of silver the whole discussion thing is irrelevant. Zionists just play the American taxpayer for the fool we are when it comes to Israel.

Ali Dahmash

Politicians and right wings always fear people who are moderate and are Peace seekers. Barghouti and Baltzer were great and they showed the other side of the conflict that you never see in mainstream media in the US. I salute John Stewart.

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