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November 28, 2009


Body Armor

Bulletproof vests are great...everyone in the service needs to own one and wear one everyday. They have proven to save lives.

Bullet Proof Vest

They are great, I was saved by one twice. I had huge bruises on my ribs but they went away. It hurt like heck getting shot at close range but i was 100% thankfull for that vest. The company i bought it from just gave me a new one free of cost.


Dear sir:
I search the key words bullet proof vest by google and then come to this website.
We are a company which can provide different styles’ bulletproof vest/helmet, anti-roit shield,body armor, baton, handcuff, shackle,telescope, military boots,PE equipment etc. For our detailed introduction you can visit our website: https://compassarmor.trustpass.alibaba.com & https://www.compassint.cn.

PLS feel free to contact with us if you were interested with our products.
I believe our qulity and price is more competitive than other's. The price is between USD130.00-165.00.
Looking forward to hearing from everybody.

Best wishes,

Robbie, Mr.
Business representative (Sales & Marketing)
Compass International Corp.
Add:Building 2A, No. 17 Huanke Middle Road,
ingqiao Science Industrial Park, Zhongguancun Tongzhou Park,
Tongzhou District, Beijing, China
TeL: +8610-5977 1665
Fax: +8610-5977 1669
E-mail: robbie@compassint.cn MSN:compassint@hotmail.com
Trustpass Website: https://CompassArmor.trustpass.alibaba.com/

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