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October 28, 2009



"Guts" is her middle name. It's pathetic that the MSM here in the US refuse to carry her writing.

How 'bout it, McClatchey?


Amira Hass must be writing what is reality she saw inside Gaza. However, she must also write what is reality she saw throughout all Israel. After all with her renown career she can reside in fopeign countries anytime whatever happens...


In times of great conflict, dealing with a people is totally distinct from dealing with the whole country. One must be steel-cold rational, to put primarily the survival of the nation.


This writer is making a difference. It just takes time someday the US Congress which the Zionists bought fair and square will realize the money they receive is not worth the blood of American soldiers on their hands and will wash their hands of this intolerant religious bigoted state that resembles pre Mandella South Africa instead of the democracy the Zionist propaganda proclaims.

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