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October 22, 2009



Yea cry baby.

So the arrest of journalists get you moved down the list.

What about the killing of James Miller? Or, the flechette attack on and killing of Fadel Shana?

Did these incidents have an affect on Israel's ranking?

TheAZCowBoy, Tombstone, AZ.

Fuck'n Jews, if you only knew just how tired the world is of you murderous bastads!

If there was a Holocaust II, I would drag all the Jews I could get hold of and drag their pale white arses to the crematoriams and hold the door shut until quietness rules the air.

Tombstone, AZ.

Quote: "All I want for Hannakah is a Jew in every gas chamber."


frankly my dears, israel gives a damn what the world thinks of them. they do what they want.


Frankly, it is extremely difficult for a media man to separate his capacity to generate sensational news, from personal grandisement being capable of generating sensational news...This is what confuses a true newsman in establishing his own professional character.


I am amused with the reaction of TheAZCowboy from Tombstone... If all americans are like him, there will no wars; for all america is a beautiful wilderness. And not even a native Indian can be found.


And might there be a reason why reporters entering Gaza become Hamas apologists?

Could it be that the constant demonization of Hamas by the mainstream Western press and the US and Israeli governments is not the whole truth perhaps?

Stephanie Gutmann

the fact that you took SERIOUSLY and gave space to a poll that put press freedom in Israel behind Sudan and Afghanistan shows your utter disdain for truth. Yes, the poll happened. Yes they reported what they said. Did you need to dignify such obviously sill findings? No. That was a choice. And choices reveal preference. Yours is completely obvious to everyone but yourself, Nissenbaum.

Stephanie Gutmann

I spent five years of my life writing a book about coverage of the conflict. I lived in Israel during the second intifada; I know many in the foreign press corps including Prusher and Frenkel. From what I see here they will be a tremendous improvement. I don't know you or your coverage, Nissenbaum, but what I do see (the ridiculous link to a ridiculous Reporters without borders poll, for instance) suggests that you are like so many of the foreign press who come to Israel, stoked to bash, stoked to hate Israel, stoked to find a simplistic story line of brutal Israel versus powerless "Palestinians" (I put "Palestinians" in quotes because I dislike the lumping together that so often occurs in discussions of this diverse people.)

Stephanie Gutmann

The foreign press are hypocrites. Most of them live in lovely neighborhoods in Jerusalem, they enjoy the freedom, modernity and progressive lifestyle available there and then they take advantage of the freedoms granted by Israel (Israel dos not jail reporters for criticizing the government, it does not kidnap, threaten with violence, or beat up journalists unlike the PA and Hamas) to bash the country relentlessly. They turn a blind eye to the terrible repression of Palestinian journalists by the PA and Hamas and they seldom talk about the kind of intimidation applied to foreign press by the PA and Hamas. Hypocrites! Cowards!


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