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October 29, 2009


David Hickson

Nothing should be supplied by Israel to Gaza. Why on earth would anyone allow militarily-useful goods such as concrete, steel or fertilizer to be freely shipped to a genocidal terrorist group? Gaza and its Hamas kingpins should learn to cope with life on its own instead of begging, whining and crying for handouts from the same people they are trying to kill.

Those of you who criticize Israel for blocking the transport of goods into the strip from Israel need to have your heads scanned for tumors.


David - crack a book or newspaper or better yet, buy a plane ticket and visit Israel and the occupied territories.

Israel controls all borders, sea and land, as well as airspace around and over Gaza. Although Egypt shares a short border in the south with Gaza, Israel has final say over almost every aspect of life for the inhabitants in the Gaza Strip, therefore the international community considers the Gaza Strip as occupied and Israel and the occupying power.

As the occupying power, Israel is responsible for the welfare of the inhabitants.

The blockade on Gaza and the restrictions are considered 'collective punishment' since it is punishing all 1.5 inhabitants of the strip instead of the armed Palestinian groups responsible for the rockets fired into southern Israel or the capture of Shalit.

Collective punishment like this is a war crime, and perhaps a crime against humanity.

There's too much to say in this small space, but seriously - you need educate yourself. But I have a feeling your callous comments weren't based on legal grounds, but a racist and hateful place.

We're talking hundreds of thousands of children who don't even have a glass of clean water to drink and you talk about them 'whining and crying for handouts'.

Their suffering is not a natural phenomena, but completely manmade and can be undone with political will.

Shame on you.


bravo edie.


The overwhelming majority of Palestinians living in Gaza are innocent. Why is Israel inflicting collective punishment on them? What have babies and toddlers done to Israel? Why do they have to have to starve and live isolated from the outer world?

Not to mention all the free-thinkers who live in Gaza and hate Hamas: why are they punished by Israel too? Go to Gaza City, David: you'll see young women in tight jeans and no veil on the street, young guys singing in rap groups… Gaza is very, very different from what the propaganda disseminated in Israeli newspapers writes. Most of the people who died during Operation Cast Lead were innocent civilians: why were they punished by Israel? Non country in the world has the right to take hostage an entire population because of a few of its rulers. This is a crime of war.


This article betrays its bias and repeats the lies of the Western MSM. Hamas was the duly elected government of both the West Bank and Gaza in 2006 in what observers called a fair election. It was Fatah backed by the US that wrested control of the part of the West Bank that the Israelis have not yet taken from the Palestinians in 2007.


The suffering of a people because of their rulers is one of great paradoxes of civilization. This has been showed for many thousands of years of world history. The ancient scriptures (Bible) have a plenty of such lessons.
Because these rulers were chosen by the people, the people equally pay for their foolish acts.


"Because these rulers were chosen by the people, the people equally pay for their foolish acts."

And so too shall the people of Israel suffer because of the actions of their elected leaders who are all criminals. This whole argument begins with the stealing of land in '48. And that is where the argument ends.


The problem for Israel that the Zionist never admit is one day the Arabs will have the means to destroy Israel. Since Israel was born in the blood of the Arabs who lived there they have a gripe that won't go away. If Hamas is supposed to give up its religious Jihad the Zionists have to give up their religious Jihad of a Jewish state. God did not give Israel to the Jews, the UN did at the request of the British who got tried of the Zionist terrorists blowing them up. Israel needs to reform itself and soon before it is to late.


Democratic elections are no guarantee of "good government". Case in point: the election of Adolf Hitler. The West Bank and Hamas will probably eventually wither and die on the vine, as they say, from their own sheer political ineptitude. As with most of us, the Palestinians and Hamas are proving time and again to be their own worst enemies. That's one human quality we can always count on when it's needed the least.

Le brés

Innocent victims... Why did they vote for Hamas ?

They had a choice? No ?

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