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September 26, 2009



There's no question: Arianna Huffington has been huffing some of that stuff that her pal, Bill Maher, mentions so often.


The question is whether Ms Huffington is getting a broad range of perspectives on the Israel/Palestine issue. Barak calls for a Palestinian state while he approves expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Soon Palestinians will be left with a swiss cheese of a state. Like Peres, Baraks talks but does not follow through.


If Huffington wanted to truly 'learn' about the conflict, she wouldn't be talking to propagandists and politicians. Perhaps that's her style of 'investigative' journalism - i.e. shilling.

I always found her website to be biased and dis-informative. For example, the comments are moderated and right wing Israeli firsters are allowed to post their diatribes and lies, while anyone who criticizes Israel with civility and well sourced facts is censored. Clearly, these tactics fit well with her idea of 'investigative' journalism - Just like Fox's "Fair and Balanced" nonsense.


I knew YouTube gave Max Blumenthal a hard time about his video in which he interviewed Israelis and Jewish Americans about Barack Obama and showed some of the blatant racist streams of thought in J'lem, but I hadn't realized Huffington Post also refused to show his video.

This link goes to short video where Max talks about it recently.


David Binder

Follow the money: Israeli investors closed the last round of funding for HuffingtonPost. do you really expect her to be neutral?


Dear Arianna: The Jewish national development cannot wait until the Palestinians make peace among themselves and make a unified view of their future. In absence of of common sense, this is one thing closest to impossible. While the Palestinians are focused on fighting, and Arab leaders argue among themselves...The Jews has to build comprehensive settlements and comfortable homes for their people. At any rate, these lands are technically within the UN recognized postwar(WW2) borders for Jewish homeland.


Had ever a Palestinian not learned that the 'fiery aggressions' they've been doing against the Israelis, is the fundamental justification of all the Jewish actions before community of nations?
Of course, the Palestinians and symphatisers would accuse the Israelis as provocateur. But before genuine justice that issue remains an accusation and has to be proven completely, or that the justification of Israelis be proven otherwise. This contention may last until 'the end of the world...'

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