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August 22, 2009



This is typical Hamas totalitarian stuff. Those women and girls who insist on wearing this "devilish" attire instead of their Jilbabs and Hijabs will be subject to severe punishment. But such is Sharia law, which denigrates women and considers them to be second-class citizens, impure and not as intelligent as men, and men are considered to be sex-crazed and unable to contain their lusts when confronted with a woman not dressed in a sack.


Portugues are you from Brazil? I love that country.
You can always find a woman to support these idiot laws or their equalent in any country. I think we should let these idiots run their own affairs while we go to the stars.


In Israel the rabbis complain about people wearing Crocs on Yom Kippur and put pictures of rabbis up on walls to keep drunks from peeing on them, while Israeli orthodox women are made to dress like medievil peasants.
Stop helping Israel maintain Gaza as a giant open-air prison and Hamas will lighten up. Differant religions... Same nonsense.

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Buddy Russell

The reason women are required to cover themselves completely comes from the story of the WATCHERS who lusted after human woman and took them for wives and begat Giants who ate all the worlds food supply and then started eating humans,Satan used them to pollute the human genome which lead to the GREAT FLOOD of NOAH.


The Jews has nothing to raise against the Sharia Law-for they with the Muslims, have similar framework of social laws which were built from traditions since ancient times. So far, the no group should raise the issues more are the Christians. I know the Jews do not recognized Jesus Christ, but it is the Christan world that upholds his fundamental teachings; 'judge not...', 'mind your own business...(If they tarry till I come...)', 'equality before God...','saving life is greated than written rules...','separation of church and state..','freedom of choice...', etc. These democratic principles which community of nations would want to insist are fundamentally rooted on Christian teachings.

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