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August 18, 2009



So much of that is based on Wahabi and culture, not on Islam as interpreted and practiced by the majority of Muslims around the world.

For instance, Mohammad directed that girls should be educated and he supported athletics. He use to race one of his wives in foot races and encouraged horseback riding as excellent exercise.

When I lived in Saudi Arabia and our oldest daughter was ready to start school, my husband had to go down to the Ministry of Education and give 'his permission' for her to go to school. Shame.

Some of the most respected scholars in Islamic jurisprudence were women.

Americans need to remember in our outrage that the Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia (or Somalia or Afganistan for that matter) doesn't reflect Islam as practiced by millions of others, but reflects more the culture and traditions of the area.


Edie - Amen. I always wonder why Christianity isn't held responsible for pro-life terrorists and the KKK in the same way Islam is for the lunatic fringe and culture of its repressive followers.


Why don't we let this delusional woman alone. She thinks Saudi men want her for something more than domestic help and sex on demand by the husband. If she had any sense she would say "Hasta La Vista" and move to the west.

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