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August 18, 2009



Kind of like Hitler's plan for the "jewish problem" - move them all out!


Hitler's plan for the "jewish problem" was to kill the Jews, not move them out. Frankly, I don't understand your comparison at all.

Your assumption in referncing the Ahmadijinead quote is that the Jews have a right to live in Israel because they suffered in the Holocaust. That is false. The Jews have a right to live in Israel because it is their ancestral home, and they've had a continuous presence there for over three thousand years.

Dion Nissenbaum

My point is that both comments reflect a rather simplistic proposal not well-rooted in reality...


'rather simplistic'. lol. You said it Dion. Scares the s%!t out of me that so many Americans actually voted for this guy.


Ian - that particular bit of zionist propaganda is just as tired as the piece of propaganda you are trying to refute. It is not just the Jewish homeland, under your guidelines. It is most definitely also the Christian homeland and the Muslims have a very strong claim as well. Even Italy could validly claim the land of Palestine, since they took it from the Jews before the birth of Christ. That's why it's called the Holy Land - all three Abrahamic religions have valid claims to it from a religious and historical perspective. Stop the silly Judaic-supremacist propaganda and deal with the actual situation.

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