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August 20, 2009


August West

Great idea! But to make it simpler, just give US citizenship to any and all Palestinians who want to leave Israel. They can live anywhere they want in the US; California, NY, Florida, wherever. If they're smart, they'll choose a swing state, become a swing voting block, and have US politicians kiss their derrieres. The Cuban model in Florida should do nicely.


Wow! As if California didn't already have enough problems! All we need is a bunch of fanatical Muslims moving to California and bringing with them their aspirations toward domination and imposing Sharia on the rest of us. And watch out for the Hamas types with their suicide bombers. All Jews must be on high alert for protection of their synagogues and homes and businesses.

Thank goodness we moved from California!


August West - re "Palestinians who want to leave Israel". Technically, since Huckabee was talking of 'two-state solution' he's speaking of the occupied West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza so it wouldn't be Palestinians leaving Israel, but Palestinians leaving historic Palestine. This really shows how ignorant (I'm not saying this to be insulting; I'm not saying stupid just really uninformed) Americans are about the issues.

Portugues - Man you have definitely not been to the region, let alone know anything about the area and people except maybe through msm or hostile sources. Almost every comment you made missed the mark.

Despite being the largest and oldest refugee population in the world and despite having the remaining 22% of historic Palestine occupied, the majority of Palestinians have remained moderate, democratic minded and peaceful. I'm not sure Americans could have remained so steadfast and non-violent as the vast majority of Palestinians have over the years.

Also, you're under the misconception that Hamas would attack synagogues, homes and businesses just because they're Jewish; actually Hamas has repeatedly stated their mission of fighting against the occupation (aka Israel), not Jews, as have other non-Hamas Palestinian groups. You have Palestinians mixed up with Al Qaida or some other fringe, extremist groups.

Also, resisting occupation or working towards independence is NOT the same as aspiring for 'dominance'.

And before anyone accuses me of defending Hamas, terror, blah, blah, blah - I realize Mr. Atallah's suggestion is tongue-in-cheek and this is all sarcastic to begin with, but both remarks by August West and Portugues were so ignorant/ill-informed someone had to say something.


Or move Israel to New York.


Edie, you are sadly mistaken. "Palestinian" Muslims are taught from childhood to hate Jews, not just Israelis. The Qu'ran is replete with Jew hatred; the Jews are considered "the vilest of peoples". Palestinian childrens' television programing featured a Jew-hating mouse named "Farfour", until he was killed by the evil Israelis, and now stars a Jew-hating bee named "Nahoul", who teaches Jew-hatred to Muslim children, and children are trained early in Palestinian schools to reverence Jihad and to hate Jews. Hamas leaders have pledged time and time again to destroy Israel. The "Palestinians" could have had their own state years ago, but their leaders want Israel destroyed more than they want peace and prosperity for their own people. The neighboring Arab states prefer to use the "Palestinians" as a cats paw in their plans to remove the evil Kuffar state of Israel from Dar al-Islam. Please don't use your taqiyya and kitman on me-I know the ins and outs of Muslim propaganda, and I know the pertinent verses of the Qu'ran and Hadiths relative to the obligations of Muslims to practice Jihad and to impose Sharia law wherever they gain enough influence. All one has to do is observe the deleterious effects on France, Britain, Holland, Scandinavia, and Germany,and the rest of Europe which is rapidly succumbing to Islam. Therefore, we don't want "Palestinians" coming to the United States--we have more than enough problems with Islam in the United States presently. You know darned well that Hamas is not simply a bunch of "freedom fighters" solely intent on eliminating Israel; they are also complicit in plans to extend islam wherever they can, whether it be in Israel or elsewhere in Dar al-Harb. You must also know that two of the most widely translated books in the Arab countries are that old czarist forgery "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf". No, we don't want more Islamonazis in this country!


Edie: Please read my postings on "Bombs kill Dozens on Baghdad's Deadliest Day in 18 months" (McClatchy) for a concise description of Islam's threats to Europe and the United States. Islam has declared war on all countries which refuse to accept Islam and replace their constitutions with Sharia law. The Palestinian-Israeli struggle is just one of a multitude to make Islam supreme throughout the world.


Portugues - Are you aware that Palestinians are not all Muslims. There are many Christians who receive very little support from American evangelicals because those same evangelicals believe they must either help rebuild the Temple of Solomon or help the Israelis start a nuclear war and by doing so, Jesus will come floating down from the sky. And, I'm not defending Hamas' use of terrorism, but they are very different from Al Qaeda.


Bom Dia, Samayavajra!

Yes, I am well aware that there are a few Christians among the Palestinians; however, they are under severe persecution, as are all religious minorities in any Muslim country.

I am a Christian (LDS), and we do not subscribe to the belief that we will be responsible for Israel starting a nuclear war. If any nuclear war is instigated, it will be by the hands of Islamic extremists. I do believe in the return of Jesus Christ to the earth, and that there will be a final war against Israel; dangerous times (but promising ones) lie ahead. In the meantime, we must protect ourselves from Muslim religious fanatics who would deprive us of our freedoms.



Portugues - You not only 'know the ins and outs of Muslim propoganda' you are an encyclopedia of anti-Islam, anti-Muslim, anti-Arab propoganda. I think you hit every hate-induced, fear-mongering, racist-based propoganda point against Islam/Muslims/Arabs that I think you could mention. No, I'm sure I'm wrong here. I'm sure you have more to spout.

I would simply say as a very frightened, gullible 'Christian (LDS)' that you expand your sources, open your mind and travel to the region and talk to Palestinians instead of spreading your fear, hate and ignorance through McClatchy comments and this blog.

I spent close to two months in the middle east this summer, but the only 'religious fanatic' I've seen this year is you.

Here, I'll help you get started: www.delta.com



I've been following the postings on this site with interest. There seems to be some misunderstanding between Portugues and Edie. In my opinion, Portugues is right about Islam and its problems coexisting with other religions and cultures; it seems like it wants to be "top dog", so as to speak, and in countries where it predominates, it treats other religions as inferior and imposes Islam's law, known as Sharia, replacing secular law. I notice from reading and studying various sources that Great Britain, Germany, France, and Holland have been giving Muslims status that other religions don't have, and that there are many "no go" areas in those countries where police and other uniformed workers dare not go, and non-Muslims enter at their own risk. I also understand that by 2050 these countries will be dominated by Muslims, and Europe will become Eurabia. If Europe falls, how much longer will America last, unless we are vigilant?

Edie seems to think that spending 2 months in the Middle East gives her the expertise to know all about Islam. I respectfully disagree! All the things going on with radical Muslims (9/11, the Madrid train bombings, the London Underground bombings, the Danish cartoon riots, the French Muslim riots in 2005, etc.) should give her pause. Good luck on becoming fully aware of Islam's impact on the modern world, Edie!

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