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July 27, 2009



This is as bad as France decreeing no headscarves in schools despite the individual's desires.


Hamas' words mean so much more than Fatah's actions to everyone - why? Where's the torture by the Dayton government blog posts? People are desperate for Hamas to act like the Taliban. Easy there.

And Dion, there's a movie theatre in Gaza - didn't we see a movie there together in 2005, right after we saw a hiphop show on the waterfront?

Mustashfa al-Quds.. the PRCS theatre. It's not exactly Paramount, but it's a theatre, eh?


Why should anyone be surprised at what Hamas is doing? They are merely enforcing Shari'a law, and tough beans, there is no such thing as civil rights under Islamic Shari'a. of course, Fatah was merely Hamas in slow motion. Hamas is acting essentially like the Taliban and the Saudi Morality Police and the Iranian thugocracy and--well, name any other Muslim nation under the Shari'a.

Dion Nissenbaum

Jon - This isn't just words in Gaza, but new steps by Hamas to impose conservative values.
I don't recall ever seeing a movie in Gaza. While there may a center or two that has periodically shown movies, that's not the same thing as a movie theater.


It is not very clever that Hamas delves into Islam rules. Possibly (although I doubt it) it will work with their supporters, but it will be disasterous for their international support. Especially now, at a time where international support for a Palestinian state seems to grow, this is incredibly dumb.

BTW, found your blog via Blogged.com, nice work.

Globalookout - My blog on International Relations


sad for the gazans.. life sux..

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