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July 15, 2009



I think we all suspected, but resisted idea as being just a bit too paranoid, but now it's been confirmed - blog commenters may actually be employed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry to advance gov't talking points.

Just thought I'd share for those who follow this blog and others.



The IDF committed great atrocities in Gaza. It's catching up to them now.


Dion said the soldiers confirmed what McClatchy had already reported - well, they also just re-confirm the information contained in Amnesty International's comprehensive report on the Gaza conflict and the one issued last February on the use of foreign arms supplies to commit human rights abuses; Human Rights Watch's reports on the misuse of white phosphorous and unmanned drones, plus accounts published by other independent bodies.

The ICRC recently reported on the desperate situation the Gazans continue to live in.

What needs to happen now is accountability by all parties guilty of committing war crimes and other serious human rights violations and for the international community to pressure both Israel and Egypt to open up crossings to allow in much needed medical supplies, building supplies and water - in adequate amounts, not piecemeal for media PR and soundbites.

All people have the right to live in dignity and the people of Gaza deserve no less. Being held captive in collective punishment is a clear crime against humanity and we are all guilty of not doing more to reverse this inhumane situation.


U.S. State Department - (202)647-4000.

Ask for either the Dept. on Near East Affairs or the Israel/Palestine Desk. Ask them why 1) they aren't doing more to open the crossings. The people trapped inside are desperate. Or, you can ask why Great Britain has imposed a partial arms embargo on Israel and the U.S. - whose weapons have been directly linked to the killing of civilians - hasn't done the same yet.

Lola Flores

The abused become the abusers. Israel has become the Nazi nation of the 21st Century. Shame on them!


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