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May 20, 2009




Do you realize pants play a large part in your blog?

First you were talking about having to drop your pants for security at a press conference for - can't remember who. And now, you're trying to hide booze up your pant leg.

Maybe you should just give up and wear a dishdashi or go Scottish; wear a kilt. It would be cooler (I'm not talking fashion.)

Enjoy your week-end. Hope you still have the Arak.

Dion Nissenbaum

Good memory. I had to drop trou for Cheney. Somehow I think that if I wore a dishdashi to a security check for Cheney it would not help my cause...
Arak has gone off and left...

izzy bee

Sistership is powerful. Those ladies were probably the ones who got turned back due to alleged links with Fatah; all their sympathetic Hamas-linked attendees stayed behind in solidarity. So, sigh,no gender conference for them in the West Bank.

I remember those stuck inside of Gaza with those Memphis Blues again yearnings.. :)

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