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May 18, 2009



I finally figured out something about your blog. You are the MEMRI for Palestinians. Very selective use of information. Makes only one side look good.


If the senior IDF commanders want more of these new PA troops so the IDF can leave the West Bank, what does that mean for the Israeli colonies there? Does this indicate those senior IDF commanders want Israel--and its colonies--out of the West Bank? With Obama about to lean on Netanyahu to take concrete steps to realize a 2-state solution, does this mean the IDF senior commanders will also lean on Netanyahu?

If so, Israeli politics could get real interesting.


Rachel, I read, I think, the same article you read, and I do not detect any bias in reporting. But please correct my mistake.


Death to all infidels, heathens, barbarians, Crusaders, poseurs, fakirs, lutis, and bad Western MFs!! allahu ahkbar!!


For more than three years, Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton has been leading US efforts to transform Palestinian security forces into a trusted, respected, dependable, professional force.

a trusted, respected, dependable, professional force for US and Israeli occupations.

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