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April 20, 2012


shower drain

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a poet in India

What Must Be Heard

Baghdad, Baghdad,
Whatever happened?
Leave me alone.
Could see you bigger
Than Standard Oil
And America’s stovepipe.
You are looking
Do battle
For your freedom.
Let me talk to yah.
Good morning,
How’d you get here?
Stole brother.
Is that your annex?
What have you done to history?
Today bombs,
That’s all I hear from you.
Where’s my case?
I’m not wearing that.
Can we recall some people
Blaming defense?
What scapegoat nation?
What unwarranted invasion?
Then textbook came:
Let’s travel all damn day.

He gives us hope.
I give –
The volleyball
Of change’s position.
I gotta go.
That’s the front line.
Here for a second.
Where’s Chandru?
He just isn’t splitting up.
He’s off to race some other battlefield.
Getting hit in the face,
How did it hurt?
It destroyed my ability to spring.
That’s too sad.
Like I said,
Said no we’re goin’
To get rid of your dictator
In advance of the early warning system.
This was not our doin’.
Now we start now
Get someone else to replace ‘im
Or somethin’.
It’ll knock the fire outta yah
A foreigner,
You do
That get rid of.

Isn’t there right around here?
That’s for the trash.
It’s close to here
The idea I have to police my neighbor.
What are you tryin’ to do?
Here’s the horses
That step in and bother us.
Knock it off.
Is it always a lonely game?
I don’t know check Hitler.
We didn’t perfume
His army hop.
We’re open
To receive an apology.
We’re open
To receive war reparations.
Take your hardware
Give us your shoulder
Health minister said.
You’re still alive?
Let’s hope so.

Boy you go into some heavy stuff.
I’m gonna get you fired.
A poet in India
Make for you
Somethin’ more than snub your nose.
I made a donkey;
I made an issue
Of your going after me:
Someone not in your pretty scheme of things.
What are people going to think?
Good night.
Your mother woke me up.
It’s ten thirty.
Lens we got here.
Isn’t that beautiful:
Mountain ranges,
You’re up.
That’s what I’m sayin’.
I’ll be seeing you.


very sad. i really feel bad about this.

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