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March 13, 2011


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Corruption is a rust that destroys any government system. If the ferris wheel system that the Iraqi government would only be a means for the corrupt officials to benefit then all this funding would just be wasted. Iraq definitely needs needs a better plan.

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My real concern is the amount of money that is to be spent for the whole project. i am talking about 50 millions USD.

That's a lot of money


It is a common mistake for citizens to grant broad powers to government in the hope that it will do many things to benefit the public. Actually, governments benefit from the discipline of a narrow mission. If I had been one of the many "experts" advising Iraq on its constitution I would have recommended making it forbidden for the government to spend any funds on any commercial enterprise. That might prevent government involvement in a few good works but it would prevent much waste and help government to better prioritize.

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When Iraq goes up the ferris wheel, I wish it would stay there and prosper for a lifetime. I really wish the government will do what they say. Iraqi deserves nothing more but the best.


I hope the prime minister of Iraq would keep up to his words.Iraq deserves a good government. Something that would value his people more than wealth.


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Faisal Kadri

"Iraqi government strategy is not made by experts"

Iraqi government strategy is made by experts in propaganda.


Sinbad island: a place where things go round in circles and one ends up in the place one began (and you have to pay for the ride). An unhappy metaphor.

Might have been truer to name the place after Ali Baba's 40 thieves.

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