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February 13, 2011


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For this matter, once I discussed with one of my friends, not only about the content you talked about, but also to how to improve and develop, but no results. So I am deeply moved by what you said today.


Send more money the Qaida is resurrecting!! Nothing like a portable enemy that can show up anywhere in the world the military industrial complex has an interest. Make a corporate investment and send the bill to the American tax payer!!


Perhaps the officials needed a story to justify whatever it was they did to the suspect they detained. That person may have made up a story that, indeed, was what sent the government to dig up the graves and the officials now want everyone to believe that the made up story was the truth.


The General has learned to be a 'good guy'.

Who says you can't teach Iraqis about democracy?

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If they think they are going to win over us by refusing to make any concession, they are mistaken~

Jack Wanye

This goes to show how information can be represented in many different ways. Good on you for presenting both versions so people can make up their own minds.

This post raises good questions. It is always important to consider the agenda of the news outlet.

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