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September 03, 2010


Cygnus X1

I also supported this war because I know what freedom is and I wanted that for our Iraqi friends. After reading these posts I too wish we would pull out ASAP. We are NOT responsible for nor are we liable for the Iraqi people. I ask them what have YOU done to improve your situation. Did you think we would give you freedom while you sat around in fear. If its dictators like Saddam Hussain that you want that's what you will get.


#1. Ignorance on the behalf of the Iraqi people is so sad. Read my "lips" YOU ARE NOT 100% SOVEREIGN....Maliki LIED to you on your controlled media devices (television/radios)
I know this for a FACT!!

#2. My only regret with the past 7 years of the war is that I supported it because I was happy that the Iraqi people would finally be freed from dictators and be able to live normal lives.......and then I read this blog and I'm saddened that all I hear are ungrateful people, whining because they don't have this or that....what are YOU doing to change your world??? Besides complaining at the USA because its not what you expected??? Grow up...its YOUR country and I'm HAPPY that we are OUT OF THERE!!

R J Adams

Many thanks for posting these discussions. I've reproduced them in full on my own blog, in the hope a few more Americans may become aware of the true 'victory' lauded by President Obama in his recent address to the nation.

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