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April 28, 2010


Mini i9 white

Iraqis are under occupation !


What happened to all the OIL money the CHANGE was going provide. Same old story. The politicians get the loot and the people get a snow job.


Since China is getting plenty of oil from Iraq as a result of their oil deals there, the least they can do is sell their stuff cheaply. It's what they do all over the world. With whatever petrodinars people have in Iraq, China wants you to spend them buying their stuff. It's a nice feature that the aircoolers use less electricity to run.

buy from china

patriot Iraqis are very rare today ! or in good form they are silent !


" the political leaders of Iraq proved with no doubt that they only care about their interests and nothing but their interests " , This is the truth that NOT all of them follow their interests , But some of them follow their interests but also their financial supporters interests too ! and this is clear enough !
Truth : Iraqis are under occupation ! so their personal interests is not important at this time !
Truth : There MUST BE a Political government and then the citizen can expect more welfare !
Fact : patriot Iraqis are very rare today ! or in good form they are silent !

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