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January 25, 2010



this will never end until the "peaceful muslims" if there really are any, decide they have had enough and start to take the stance against the "radicals" that they claim are corrupting their religion!..they have no problem condemning American soldiers that are risking their lives for theirs...Where is the anger and protest against the so called "radicals" that live next door to them??!!


i really enjoy reading your article. i hope you will have great success on your new working place. keep your head up and take care

fuller schmidt

A toast to your narrow escape: May humans evolve beyond violence!


Thank heavens you are all safe. As much as I grieve for the people who died and who are suffering now, I am also so glad to know that your lives were spared. SO glad, so very thankful the office moved. Take best of care, dears.

Roberta Taussig

I will pray thanks to God for your escape from this. I appreciate your postings here and feel as if I have come to know you.

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