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September 18, 2009



The other side:
Thank you; that makes a lot of sense. I can understand that.


About the embassy and the Iraqis having no power, etc.....do you think that just happened overnight and do you think the US by itself did that much damage?

WWMD...Yes, our way of life is so wonderful that the Iraqis do want it and are grateful. Your brain fried logic clearly demonstrates you have not been there and have no idea what you are talking about.

the other side

I cannot imagine the pain this man has suffered in the last 6 years of war in his country, and the decades of life under an oppressive regime he endured before that, but let's flip this around. Why was he shot?
The Marines in that convoy believed what he was throwing was a grenade. More specifically, an RKG-3. The leading tactic by the insurgency is to throw these RKG-3 armor piercing anti-vehicle grenades. They are capable of blasting explosively formed projectiles through the armor on any vehicle, and have killed many coalition forces in the past several months. The only logical counter-tactic to this is to be especially weary of people holding something in their hands, and to shoot them once they display intent to throw it at you. Go to liveleak, search for rkg, and see if you can discern whether what the insurgents in each video throw is a sandal or a grenade - before it explodes, possibly killing soldiers or Marines.



Does throwing a sandal at a car really equate to burning down a building or throwing a rock at someone's head? Do you SHOOT someone who's throwing a sandal? Please think--use your mind.

John Fillin


This guy didn't burn down anything. He threw his sandal.

River Rat

And then the Americans build this plaice called an embassy in front of Iraq people half the time don't have power, clean water, electric or sewer's.


Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Arabians? We've been punishing the Iraqis for 6 years for something they didn't do or support.

Why on earth should Americans expect the Iraqis to be grateful to us for taking over their country? Is our way of life *so* wonderful that the Iraqis ought to ditch 2,000 years of their own culture to embrace ours?

The fact that our troops shot up a crazy man who was throwing a shoe shows that they are beyond brain fried. They need to be brought home NOW. The Iraqis can take care of their own country without any more "help" from us.


I see. So if an American decides to burn down a mosque or throw a rock at a Muslim's head because he was traumatized by 9/11, then that would have to be filed under "understandable rage" too.

 Oliver Grill

one more casualty of BUSH. I would love to see him brough up on charges, he and a quite a few others for crimes against humanity...Oh well, I can dream, can't I???

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