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October 30, 2008


insanity jane

great blog


Jenan, thank Allah for your safety.
It is a fact that tugs on my conscience and essence as a free human being that there is ANY country where one must fear for their LIFE in something as small as a strategic commute movement, regardless of the many variables and debatable subjects we can all dispute and throw around. I am, again regardless of the specifics, immensely sorry that it is part of a daily reality for the people within your country to face fears and realities such as these every day. I hope and pray, every single day, that inshallah tomorrow will be the day the world wakes up to peace. I promise I am trying, along with many other (as I am sure you well know.)

Assalam Alaykum


I share relief at your safety, Jenan, and hope the situation there is soon improved --@Mike Jason--I don't think Laura's comment was all that naive considering the near 1 million casualties the USA's war of aggression and occupation has wrought in the last 5 1/2 yrs.
In fact I would have been even more condemning if not for the fact that we are congratulating an Iraqi citizen on surviving a crosstown trip to a wedding. I wonder how you or any USA citizen would feel if they had to deal with this kind of fear every day of their lives for 5 years? I am more than ashamed of my country's action there and in Afghanistan, where the sky rains bombs on civilians and we are bogged down in yet another idiotic exercise of misguided power. We need to leave both countries NOW and reduce the Pentagon's budget by half of the obscene $500 billion so we can once again reflect the true USA abroad.


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I am also glad that you are alright. As a US Soldier, I will say that the last thing we ever want is to harm an innocent civilian. We are proud of the fact that our mission is to protect the citizens of Iraq and help them secure and lead their own country. You have to also consider the Soldier's perpsective... they don't know if you are a suicide bomber and they are just as fearful for their own lives. I am glad they were able to realize you weren't a threat and you got out of convoy safely. As for Laura's naïve comment about what our country is doing to yours... You're there, so you know we are trying to help in a very difficult situation and as you know, we are making progress. I am hoping and praying for a safe and free Iraq and that ALL of our Soldiers can return home soon. God bless you!


I'm so glad you are OK Jenan and so glad the soldiers stayed cool.


This position is very difficult, but it was good disposition by soldiers Bactvaihm scream at the Miss Jinan is occupied by humanitarian not seen any Iraqi citizen, or the conditions of the truce agreed upon between the Iraqi government U.S. military
Until the Iraqi people convince that the security agreement between the U.S. and Iraq is the only way for the future of Iraq, which has yet to find a Adadeh where we are not killing, displacement and looting of public funds without the expense of the pretext of security companies and the dream of occupying Iraq's neighbors while the U.S. military out of Iraq

Heather Ann

I'm glad you are alright! I wish God's blessings on the bride and groom!


Glad you are okay.... hope this never happens again. whew......


Good Heavens, Jenan! What great fortune you weren't harmed and lived to tell this story. Long time readers will remember that another McClatchy writer did not have such luck.

What my country has done and is doing to yours leaves me speechless with shame and anger.

Very glad a cool head prevailed in your case!

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