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September 23, 2008


Shelly T.

What good do the checkpoints do? If violence is rising, aren't traffic jams like this more dangerous for everyone, not less? I would think that a fast traffic flow would be better for avoiding possible violence. Also, I'm wondering, are all these checkpoints the fault or idea of Americans or the Iraqi police? My condolences to you that you have to live like this. this would drive anyone else crazy. I hope the violence goes back down again soon!


This is a response to your poem on world peace day. I hope you can be blessed by peace in baghdad and all iraq. You are in a terrible situation that I cannot even imagine where i live in manhattan. But peace does exist today, you must believe, even if not in iraq. inshallah, iraq can experience peace, at least as much as we have in ny, in your land, which is the land my father was born. in america we do have peace. in europe, japan and much of the world the people live without bombings and political violence. each has crime and death, but we are allowed at least to be able to walk the streets without fear. that you live in baghdad is to live in the depths of the world's violence right now. i applaud your govt's passage of an elections law and hope that iraq can rebuild itself and become a land admired and valued by the whole world.


This is the first "Inside Iraq" post that I've read so please excuse my ignorance of the basic issues in Iraq at the moment. I found your blog via a blog by Irfan Yusuf here in Australia. I have a question in response to the post: are the Iraqi government and people ready now to take responsibility for the delays and bombings if the multinational force (US) begins an orderly pull-out of major combat forces now or will the presence of ANY US forces at all give radicals an excuse for the continual bombings on an increasing level?

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