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June 21, 2007


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I cannot imagine your fear or frustration. I try to find a point of reference, a shred of understanding, knowing that I cannot know what it is to live with death living under every finger and beneath every breath.

But within this attempt to grasp at the unattainable is my witness to a people's willingness to slaughter each other over the desire control each other to then scream it's Uncle George's fault. Uncle George may have caused the power vacuum, but he didn't nurture the passion and seemingly joy in killing one's neighbors.

This ease to arms and bombs needs to be the focus. Does Iraq need another iron fisted leader, beating and killing the factions into submission, or can the Iraqis live together in peace?

Will you be forced to live behind burkas or be free to choose your own head coverings? To this Westerner it looks like the only question left to be answered is the date it will become church, I mean, state law and when the next set of atrocities can begin.

I am truly sorrowful for your sorrow.

Rebecca del Rio

Yes, if they did drink from the same glass of pain, they might actually find the will and courage to take real action. I wish George Bush and Dick Cheney could feel the anguish of those families. Then they might be willing to help the Iraqi government and people to find a solution to this horror they brought about. They might find the humility to ask for help and support to bring about a true peace free of their selfish plans for monetary gain.
Because they cannot or will not, those of us outside the conflict must continue to carry your story to the world and be witnesses to your lives. We must bear your rage and hurt and respect it. It is the least we can do.


I actually understand what you are saying. You're angry. It's much better to recognize that anger than to repress it. You are living in an impossible place. Working these thoughts out in your head is probably therapeutic. Just remember they are just thoughts in your head and be careful not to let your thoughts take you to a place you don't want to go. The situation with the cars that caught fire after the bomb was really really horrible. One thing is for sure, George Bush does not feel your pain or the pain of the soldiers who are caught in the middle over there. He hasn't gone to a single one of their funerals here. They won't let the media show the coffins coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The images of the war here are non-existent for the most part on the news. To see how it really is over there, people have to look on the web and see videos on You Tube or documentaries.
I know that feeling of emotional numbness in the face of danger, because it's become so routine. It could be time for you to take your family out of Iraq.


Why wish 'the worst' on anyone? Regardless of what they have done. I prefer to wish them the wisdom to know that they are misguided and making poor decisions and the courage to change their positions and do what is right. And if that doesn't work, you don't re-elect them or anyone that believes in the same misguided methods. I wish the US had not invaded your country, but do you think it would be better for us to leave now? What would happen then? I wish you, your family, friends and fellwo Iraqi citizens the best and enjoy reading your ideas. Thank you for writing.

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