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June 18, 2007



Before the surgery: Andrew was walking down the street, musing about his overbearing boss, when he was grabbed by armed men and thrown into a van.

During the surgery: The wise men told the surgeon that Andrew had a tumor, but the surgeon couldn't find it, but they made him keep cutting, and cutting...


Very good analogy, however Iraq is not Andrew. Even if Iraq goes the way of Bosnia and splits into regions in order to be able to stay alive and one day learning to live together, there are options. The process could take generations.


The surgeon and hospital staff declare to Andrew that they are losing patience. Andrew will have to step up and they step down. Really, it is impossible that Andrew is not taking better responsibility for his health. Andrew's doctor had expected gratitude. Instead, this!

In addition, Andrew's medical costs are colossal. The doctor would like Andrew's family to sign over the proceeds of Andrew's business to certain companies that are connected to the physician. It is, after all, only fair since he has done so very much for Andrew. Without, of course, informed consent, but it was such an emergency, no?

Sadly, no one was able to check the doctor's qualifications before this invasive procedure began. Worst of all, he obviously did not ascribe to the most important aspect of his sacred oath: first, to do no harm.

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