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March 19, 2007



Dear Susan. I strongly trust your words that those two criminals Bush and Cheney dont want peace and let me kindly add something. Our Great Honest Politicians (as honest as Bush and cheney) dont want peace too. they all want to weaken Iraq jujst to steal more money because they are only 100% sure they will not last any more


The question laith, where do we go from here? We can't erase the past. How do all the people in Iraq find a path toward living with one another or at least peacefully coexisting next to each other?


believe it or not, ljm, the bush/cheney administration does not want peace for Baghdad. Not at all. They want Iraq to be weak - the better to control it. And they are the ones calling the shots.


I beleive that soldiers want peace and I swear I do beleive that deeply but dear they cant bring peace because their commanders' order is to bring more mess


Believe it or not Laith, people in America and the American soldiers there wish you had a peaceful Baghdad, too.

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