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March 14, 2007



The greed is the same here. Gas prices go up ten cents a gallon, and people are ready to turn the government over. The blind obedience is the same. Fox News takes it's talking points from Rove, and the next thing you know, things like the "surge" (dribble, really) are being discussed in all seriousness everywhere. We don't seem to know how to take the initiative back either. 70% of the US people want an end to this idiotic invasion of Bush's, but Congress can't even get a non-binding resolution passed.

What we don't have so much are people who keep going to university, braving bombs on the way. What we don't have so much are doctors who keep practicing in the face of death threats. Maybe that's because we have fewer bombs and death threats. I just have to hope that a bloodbath isn't the only way to find the moral giants among us.

John Iurincich

Is George Bush's American surge working?

Is Baghdad more safe?

Do you feel more safe?


You have made a very good point about the blind obedience. When the Soviet Union fell, I was in Armenia not long after and it was clear the people didn't know how to take the initiative themselves to run things in their country as they'd only known what you call blind obedience. It will take generations to learn that sort of independence. They too had the problems with greed and corruption taking over and winning the day. It's a situation that leaves the people vulnerable to another strongman tyrant like Saddam to bring security through fear.
They are telling us the new "Iraqi surge" is working in Baghdad in terms of stopping the violence. We have fewer reports of bombings taking place there. Is it true? Has the situation improved at all?

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