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November 06, 2008



For me what matters is the Nation. I don't care if, under President Obama, the White House is turned into Crack House. What is important, is that the affairs of the Nation are taken care of! What I would advise, is that there be a ban imposed on Monica Lewinsky, for hers would be a disruptive presence!


The duties of the White House Chief of Staff vary greatly from one administration to another. However, he/she is responsible for overseeing the actions of the White House staff, managing the President's schedule, and deciding who is allowed to meet with the President. Because of these duties, the Chief of Staff has at various times been dubbed "The Gatekeeper" and "The co-President"

Rahmbo will run an efficient and effective White House staff, just as he ran an efficient, effective and cost effective Presidential campaign for President Elect Obama.

Bipartisanship will be the President's call.


We'll be lucky if Obama, Reid, Pelosi don't turn this country into a third world country........or another New Orleans. That's what an all Liberal government is likely to do.


What else do you expect from the Republican Nazi Committee? Joseph Goebbels is alive and well in neocon country.

William Adams

To albinard,

Dems should not bring up the Nazi Party. Aren't the Nazi's the ones who killed people for the sake of convenience as well as religion? (Kind of like abortion and the new culture of death, for the young old and invalid.)


I don't know William you parties canidate choose a woman who campaigned like the Nazi party did inciting the fringe people to yell out hatred and violance

Account Deleted

Great minds think alike!
Take it easy. easy dose it.


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