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May 31, 2008



Saturday, May 31, 2008 at 12:23 pm
Makes me sad that the first woman to run for president has broken the rules in 2 states, jumped up and down and thrown a tirade, cried, wagged her finger at Obama like some angry mom not in control of her kids, etc.. As a woman, I would much prefer her to have acted like a grown-up and a professional, and had some respect for the rules which were clearly laid out.

I am proud of how Obama has behaved throughout this campaign. His supporters are not at the ‘protest’ - but rather were asked to go out and register voters. THAT is helpful to the party and to the democratic process. The shrillness and temper tantrums only serve to strengthen the Republicans.


Shame on the DNC. You just can't make rules and then break them in the middle of the stream. You guys are a bunch of wusses. You guys are the rule makers. If you're gonna break them, why make them in the first place? It may be time for me to change my political party affiliation.


Dear Clinton supporters,
Now that you know you can't win, lets completely split the Democratic party, it worked in 1968, why not now? Two Democrat presidents in 40 years, great job Dems!

Signed, Nixon, Ford, Reagan the great, Bush & Bush

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